What if managing
your church's WordPress website
was easier?

WP Church Team is a subscription-based, concierge
service that takes the ache out of managing your
WordPress website.

Why choose WP Church Team?

Keep your WordPress Updated

We'll make sure WordPress and its plugins are kept up-to-date - making sure you get all bug fixes and security enhancements straight away.


Regular Backups

Daily or weekly backups make sure we've got a copy of your site in case you make a change you don't like or something goes horribly wrong.

Keeping Things Secure

We'll lock things down to keep the nasties out of your website - making sure you don't have anything to be worried about.

But that's not all...

WordPress Church Team members are also available 24/7 for any small tweaks or fixes to your WordPress website.

From $49 a month you get unlimited, same-day* fixes for your website - just let us know what you need.

* Same-day (any task submitted before 12 noon CST). On the weekend, we only address critical issues.

Need help today? Sign up now!

We will fix any task that is 30 minutes or less. Submit unlimited WordPress related tasks. Get weekly or monthly reports on what we are doing and how your site is performing.

What kinds of things can we do?

Prevent site hacking


Speed up your site


Make small design tweaks


Color or font changes


Solve alignment or formatting issues


Add your sermons, event pages, etc.


Review SEO, check Google Indexing


Install a new plugin

We are able to fix any small task you submit and improve your website in various

ways. Here's how it works:


Need help today? Sign up now!

We will fix any task that is 30 minutes or less. Submit unlimited WordPress related tasks. Get weekly or monthly reports on how we are doing and how your site is performing.

We work with all your favorite Plugins and Themes.

Our services


WordPress Maintenance & Support

Backups, security, and unlimited 30-minute tasks! Check out our plans below.



Need a quick fix? Only $49!

Just sign up for our 'Assistant' plan and cancel within the month to get your problem fixed now!

You Are Never Alone With Our Hack-Free Guarantee

Our plan is to do everything we can to ensure everything is updated and secure.
We guarantee* to keep your site free from hacks; otherwise, we will fix it!

We get churches!

We're not just WordPress experts.
We're used to working with churches and understand their unique needs.


We understand your mission.

Your website isn't just a marketing tool. It's a way to help you reach people with the Gospel.


We know you're busy.

You've got ministry to look after - we're happy to help by looking after your website for you.


We understand the technology.

We're experienced in working with a range of WordPress tools churches regularly use.


We're here to help serve your ministry.
But who are we?

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Nearly 50,000 plugins to choose from

How do you know which ones your church needs?

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