The number one reason your church should use WordPress

It should come as no surprise that we at WP Church Team love WordPress. We think there’s a range of great reasons it’s the perfect choice for churches who are looking to set up their own website. Reasons like these…

WordPress is easy to use.

Of all the content management systems out there – WordPress is by far one of the easiest to use. It’s easy to set up a new site, and WordPress makes it easy to manage and update content with on that site. WordPress makes it possible for churches to keep their website up-to-date and concentrate on more important things like their ministry.

WordPress is easy to extend.

The huge selection of plugins that are available make it possible for churches to set up to do just about anything they need. They can manage sermons, share prayer points, host events, even run training – all from the same platform.

WordPress is free.

Many churches don’t have a lot of money to throw around, or if they do – it’s usually not dedicated to the website. For these churches – the fact that WordPress is open source and free is a major drawcard. It’s a cost effective way that they can communicate with their members, and the local community around them.

These are all great reasons,  but none of them is the best thing about using WordPress. In fact – it took me years to realise what the greatest thing about WordPress really was. 

The WordPress community is the BEST thing about using WordPress.

WordPress runs about 25% of the web – so there are a LOT of people using WordPress for different things. And because it is open source – WordPress is built, maintained and supported by many of those people.

This means there is a strong community attitude amongst those who use WordPress – they want to help others use it, encourage people to help build it, and have a vision of everyone working together to make it better.

This community is a HUGE resource for churches who might need help running their website. Here’s some ways you might be able to get involved!

Find a local meetup.

There are local meetups of WordPress users literally all around the world. On a regular basis, they get together to answer each other’s questions, share new techniques and technologies, and support one another. Usually there will be a couple of short talks, and then a chance to hang out and talk to people.

Find a meetup near you

Attend a WordCamp.

WordCamps are (usually) weekend-long camps run by volunteers and focused specifically on WordPress. They’ll usually have a track talking about more technical things – but also one for WordPress users – with talks about how to manage, style, and share your content better. Plus, it’s a great place to meet other like-minded WordPress folk who might be trying to do similar things as you.

Check out the upcoming WordCamps

Contribute to WordPress.

If you’re really keen – you can always give back by contributing back to the open source project. And don’t think you need to be able to code to do it either. WordPress is always on the lookout for people to help by doing things like translation work, documentation, answering support questions and more. Maybe this is something your church could do?

Check out other ways to contribute

So if you’re using WordPress for your church’s website, let me encourage you – Dive in with both feet and get involved in the community.

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