We're here to help serve your ministry.
But who are we?


We Churches

We attend them, we work with them, we love the work that they do equipping people to share the Gospel. We want to do what we can to help them in their mission


We  WordPress

As a tool for reaching people in the web - WordPress is unparalleled. It's free, it has an endless array of options - and a strong community supporting it.

We help churches focus on ministry by looking after the management and upkeep of their website

A bit about WP Church Team


We see the web as a primary point of contact for churches to reach new people. It should be a huge priority for churches to concentrate on a web presence that is welcoming to newcomers.

WordPress makes this super easy and achievable - but churches still have the challenge of time and expertise to maintain the site and keep it updated.

We see our role in a similar way to the way the Disciples in the 1st century tasked Deacons within the church. We help out with practical responsibilities (in this case your website maintenance and updating) so that you can focus on the important ministry work you need to worry about.

"We apostles should spend our time teaching the word of God, not running a food program."

Acts 6:2

The Team

WP Church team is founded by Jason & Jordan - two men with a heart for the Gospel and a desire to serve churches in their ministry.


Jordan Gillman

Jordan is an experienced designer and web developer who has been working with churches for over 10 years. He's a long-time WordPress user and developer and is highly involved in the WordPress community - speaking at WordCamps, creating public plugins, and contributing to the core of WordPress.

When Jordan isn't helping churches on the web, he's spending time with his family on the sunny South East coast of Australia, playing drums at church, or enjoying listening to his vinyl collection.


Jason Alexis

WordPress savvy since 2008, Jason has a deep understanding of hosting and how it impacts WordPress websites. Using this expertise, along with effective best practices, Jason has built several websites for business and churches. His “command” over the WordPress admin environment can turn your wishes into reality. He also “speaks” html, css, and basic design changes. Jason is as interesting personally as he is professionally.

As “articulate” as Moses and as “polished” as Peter, Jason just loves passionately sharing ways churches can replicate their offline experiences, online. As a former mechanical engineer turned stay-at-home “Mr. Mom” (2 boys and a loving wife), he relies heavily on data-driven, digital marketing to help churches achieve their goals.

With team members all over the world, you get tasks done faster

More than 20 years combined experience with technology, WordPress and churches