Why having a target audience is good stewardship

Today I had a great chat with Kathryn Binkley from Alyght about Target Audiences and Personas for churches. You can view the whole chat here – but I thought I’d distill the main reason why it is important for churches to think about targeting a specific audience (or audiences). That reason is this…

Having a target audience for your church is good stewardship

Churches have limited resources in terms of time, people & money. They have a responsibility to use them wisely, and in a manner that is effective in sharing the Gospel, and helping others become more like Christ.

When a church doesn’t know exactly who they are talking to (their audience) it is hard to tailor their message and delivery to be most effective. The communication becomes generic, and doesn’t impact people in the same way. By focusing on a target audience – you can communicate in ways you know to be effective to that particular audience – a much more prudent use of resources.

As a church it is not your responsibility to reach everyone.

God has gifted your church (and its members) with a particular range of skills and gifts – which make you suited to reach particular people. It is important to prayerfully decide who your target audience is and trust that God, in his wisdom, has a plan for how your church’s mission fits in your city, country and the world.

So tell us – does your church have a specific audience they are trying to reach?



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