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Step 0: What to Expect from a Church Communications Audit

If you are a pastor or church communication leader today, you know the challenges of communicating both with the members of your congregation and with your digital mission field. The communications field is developing and changing rapidly as more and more people adapt to the wide variety of digital, social and mobile, communications tools. It…

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Who is your website for?

It can be really easy to launch into talking about your how your website should work & look, without first stopping to think about the reasons why. It always pays to take a step back and have a think about who is actually going to be using your church’s website – as this will actually…

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Your church website is an investment, not a cost

When it comes to discussing websites with churches – one of the biggest considerations is always cost. This has been brought into focus by the survey on church websites we’ve been running recently. (If you haven’t already filled it out – we’d appreciate your opinion). One thing that has come out of the results so…

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