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Church Website Launch? Nobody cares

Old school website upgrade: design, develop, test, reviews / feedback, design, develop, etc. ending in a (ta-da) “launch date”. Current thinking: Go for the soft launch. It used to be that people saw websites as more static, less fluid. So, it made sense to try to get them as perfect as possible before putting them…

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Why communication isn’t a person thing. It’s a core strategy

The corporate world has been in the ‘communications business’ for years. The church world is just beginning the acquaintance. As Darrel Girardier puts it, churches often have a knowledge gap about communication tools and how best to put them into practice. As a corporate communicator now church communicator, Girardier has a rare perspective. His excellent…

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Step 0: What to Expect from a Church Communications Audit

If you are a pastor or church communication leader today, you know the challenges of communicating both with the members of your congregation and with your digital mission field. The communications field is developing and changing rapidly as more and more people adapt to the wide variety of digital, social and mobile, communications tools. It…

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