Social Media: No More Excuses

Each week the #chsocm Chat gathers people from around the globe to talk about Social Media as it relates to churches. This week was focused on people within Church organisations who are holding out against Social Media – and how to ease some of their concerns.

There were some really great responses – and I though they could come in handy to others – so I’ve pulled the best ones together here.

Question 1: What once kept you from using Social Media?

Question 2: What are the reasons you hear from hold-outs in your church about why they don’t use/value social media?

Question 3: Knowing why people, even reasonable people, won’t use social media (yet!), let’s talk about addressing their concerns.


There’s some really great tips in there for how to talk to people who might be holding out against social media in your Church or Ministry. I hope they come in handy.

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