Shhh, the baby is sleeping

Both Jordan and I have younger kids. In fact, recently, Jordan had a new baby.

Chances are you are familiar with kids, nieces / nephews, little siblings and you know that when babies are sleeping, there’s the illusion that everything is quiet and calm. Actually, sleeping babies are constantly growing, developing, and ‘recharging their batteries’ for their next encounter with the world around them.

Like us.

You haven’t heard from us lately because we’ve been constantly growing, developing and recharging our batteries.

I’d like to take a few moments to tell you about them.


Jordan and I (among others) co-authored a book providing the practical steps to launch or revamp your digital strategy. This contains a very practical guide on the steps you should take and how you need to get there. It’s these core principles that are driving our product development. The book’s material combines years of our experience and practice as well as including that of other top church digital experts. We hit the #1 spot in several categories with over 1000 downloads to date. That took some of our focus but now it’s available for you to get. It’s like sitting down with us and having lunch, picking our brains for less than it would cost you to buy your meal. Excited about it. Have you snagged your copy?

Faithvox Core Platform Building
We’ve been hard at work building the core of our Faithvox platform. Though FaithVox is more than just a website builder, we are initially focused on making that work really well. Our ½ dozen beta clients are digging it but we know we can do more.

From your feedback, we realized that our Faithvox system needed to be more editing-friendly. So, instead of scaling too quickly, we decide to add front-end editing. That means you can edit your website visually with templates and widgets (built-in software options). Basically, you look at what you have, change what you want, click edit, and save. It’s very much like the insert, cut, and paste abilities in a Word document.

Front-end editing means that YOU can easily customize your church website as needed, to keep it looking fresh and relevant, at a fraction of the cost of having a professional do it for you. Wouldn’t the professionally rebranded website look better? NO! The best thing about our Faithvox website platform is we’ve designed it to only produce websites with that ‘professional look’.

Website – Mobile App Fusionpreview-full-gif
Almost every website these days has been designed to be mobile-friendly. But if you have a very good looking mobile-friendly website, does that mean you don’t need an app? Short answer is no. Without diving into the details, chances are we are probably mostly on our phones throughout the day using 1 of several apps to communicate and get things done. If you want to listen to a podcast, music video or pay your bills while on the go, do you go the website on your phone or do you download the app, click, tap and done?

A church app is still very effective if done correctly. We are excited to tell you that we are building our mobile app directly into our website. There is only one other company for churches that is doing this.

App isn’t dead. Chances are that your mobile app isn’t being used because the content is usually out-of-date or does not give the user a compelling reason for checking it out (donating, searching current staff info, RSVPing for events, etc.). With an app built-into your website, you pretty much get the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost and time. Edit once and display wherever and whenever—eventually on your TV, Wear smartwatch, etc. Scheduled to launch in November 2016.
Interested? Signup up here to be notificated when this occurs.

In our continuing efforts to encourage churches to forget ‘texting for texting’s sake’ and think in terms of building healthy, digital relationships with a human quality, we have developed Pastorsline—not a robotic blasting system but a relationship-driven approach. It is a cloud-based, hybrid approach based on best practices that offers churches and ministries access to both short and long code features and has been designed to be compatible across the board, seamlessly integrating with the systems you are most likely already using, saving time and money, with the ability to reach MORE people. We are 100% focused on ensuring OUR tool fits within YOUR digital strategy.

Pastorsline is one of the rare systems which has been built with the future in mind now, enabling you to do what you should be doing NEXT.

Eventually, Pastorsline will be integrated into our Faithox website-building platform giving a more complete approach to digital relationships.

Good stuff, right?!

We’re excited and hope you are too.

So, just hang in a little longer. This sleeping baby is about to awaken refreshed, active, and stronger than ever.

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