One Simple Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Church Website

It can sometimes be a bit daunting to think about the improvements you need to make to your church’s website in order for it be more effective.

You might look at it and see it as something that is going to take a lot of time or money to fix.

Or maybe you just need to trash it and start over?

Either way – thinking about all the things that need fixing can be a bit paralysing – meaning you don’t end up doing anything at all about it.

One thing

But you know what? Just because fixing everything is a bit daunting that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

What if this week you did just one thing to improve your Church’s web presence?

One little thing.

That seems achievable doesn’t it?

One Little Thing

Now that one thing might be different for every church. It all depends on where your needs are. But here are a few suggestions of one thing you can do this week to improve your church’s website.

If you can’t update your current website?

Why not set up a Facebook page for your church? It’s quite easy when you already have an account – and it will give you a somewhere you can regularly update information for both your existing members, and those you are trying to reach.

If your website doesn’t have your location and service times?

This is on of the key things that potential visitors are looking for when they come to your site – so you need to have them somewhere easy to see. At the very least – try and introduce them somewhere on your homepage. Otherwise – you might be able to set up a page to tell people where & when to come.

If your website is full of stock photography?

Stock Photography may be an easy option for your website – but it isn’t always the best option. It’s far better to have photos in your website that are a true reflection of what people will experience when they walk in the door. This means photos of your members, photos of services an events – anything that help them know what to expect. See if you have photos that will suit – and use them, or spend some time organising some to use.

If you aren’t sharing your sermon/message each week?

Sharing your weekly sermon/message can be a great resource for those who have missed it. But it can also be an excellent outreach tool to those who come across your site. If your site has a Content Management System – you should be able to upload the audio file to a blog post each week. You might even be able to hook them up to iTunes as a podcast.

If your content is out of date?

Out of date content makes a website (and by association – your church) look stale, as though nothing is happening. As a minimum – get rid of any content that is particularly dated (like that ‘latest news’ from 6 months ago. Even better – write some fresh content and keep it updated.

If you don’t have a website at all?

What if your church doesn’t even have a website? It’s time to get that done. There are a range of free/super-cheap options including a Facebook page, or a DIY site on Or you might be interested in what we’re cooking up here at FaithVox.

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