Introduce your staff and profile your ministries – without all the hassles!

When someone is looking for a church to visit, there are a number of things they are likely to want to know. The most obvious of these are the location of the church and when the services are held.

Close behind that, however, come 2 other important areas of information—Ministries (or Activities) and Staff & Volunteers. Details of the ministries and activities a church runs make it easy for potential visitors to find something that interests them or might be of value to them.

Being able to see details of the staff and volunteers helps them get a feel for the church and have some familiar faces to look for when they visit or come along to one of the ministries the church is running.

At FaithVox, our aim is to help your church communicate better (and more easily). With this in mind, we’ve just launched our Ministry and People modules to make your life easier.



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Our ministry module allows you to list out the various ministries and activities your church is involved in. We make it easy to add each ministry along with details of when and where it occurs. By simply filling in a few details,you’re presented with a beautiful-looking detail page for your ministry.

We’ll also create a great-looking overall ministry page which lists out all your ministries and even allows your user to filter them by interest. All of this happens automatically – all you need to take care of is loading the details.





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Our people module works in a similar way. It allows you to list the staff and volunteers from your church along with their contact details, social media profiles, description and multiple photos (if you want.

Once again – all you need to do is simply load the information, and we’ll present it in a beautifully-designed page. We’ll also list out all your staff/volunteers so people can see them all in one place.


Ministries + People = Awesome

Now here’s the best bit. Our Ministry and People modules are fully integrated with each other. That means you can link each person to the ministries they are involved in. Not only will they be listed on the ministry page,but you’ll be able to see all the ministries they are involved in on their profile page.
This all happens automatically—you only need to provide the basic information.
But don’t take my word for it – why not check out the People Module and Ministry Module on our demo site?


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