Hack Free Guarantee

Our Hack-free Guarantee for your Church Website

Cybersecurity is definitely a scary issue. As your digital door, your church needs to know that your website is online, working, and only full of the content YOU put there.

WP Church Team is here to partner with you to keep your website secure.

We take cybersecurity very seriously by:

  • taking preventative action by maintaining your plugins and other items (outdated programs, old themes, etc.) that could compromise security.
  • specifically monitoring for security and other vulnerabilities (malware, virus-infected files, etc.) and keeping a backup.
  • ensuring we are first to know if something is wrong with up-time monitoring.
  • thoroughly scanning your church website on a daily basis to detect any hacking attempts and take whatever action is necessary.

No website is 100% hack free. Despite all the proactive and preventative measures, church websites do get hacked. If it happens to your site, here’s what will happen next:

Our Clients

If you were our client for at least 30 days before your site got hacked , we guarantee that we will do what it takes to get your church website up and running the way it should be. There is no additional cost. It’s part of the package.

New Clients (30 days or less)

If you join our client community after your site got hacked, we have a $199 ‘hack fixing package’ for all clients who have signed up for any of our plans. The only exception is if it was determined it was our error.