The Deadly Sin of Church Websites

In my travels looking at church websites (which I do a lot) there is one problem I come across with alarming regularity. It is a mistake that can absolutely cripple the effectiveness of your church’s website.

Adding Location and Service times to church website

Adding your location and service times to your church’s header or footer is an easy way to fix this issue.

So many churches forget the importance of telling people how (or when) to find them. I arrive at their site, and can’t find their location or service times anywhere.

Adding Location and Service times to church website home page

Including your service times and location(s) on the home page is another way to help your visitors easily connect with you.

It doesn’t matter how impressive their site is, or how well it expresses who they are. If I can’t figure out where to find them, or when I should come along – I may never make it in the door.

Luckily, it is an easy problem to fix.

So please – take a look at your own church’s website. If you can’t immediately figure out your location or service times – now is the time to add that information as soon as possible.

We’re pleased to tell you that every FaithVox site places emphasis on contact details and service times, and has them clearly visible on every page of the website.


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