Is your Church’s ‘underwear’ dirty? Find out in 30 secs!

In a previous blog we talked about the serious issue of ‘computer hacking’ –

when someone unauthorized to do so, gains access to your computer website.
It’s a serious issue because this unauthorized person will be able to make changes to the material found on, and functioning of, your website.
And it’s not just happening to the ‘big guys’. Recall that I told you how my church, and a few others I partner with, have been hacked.
Even more problematic is that hacking is increasing. According to 2015 data from the UK, ¾ of small businesses have suffered from some kind of security issue.
For churches, hacking is serious because more than any money issues, hacking can affect a vital aspect of your church – its good reputation.
Think of your website as your virtual welcome mat at the entrance to your digital door. What does this mat look like?
Is it torn and muddy, discouraging people from crossing over and entering?

Does it have inappropriate pictures giving the wrong message?

Perhaps there is no mat at all – it’s been blown away or stolen.

What, then, does this say about the church and the people who run it? Not only will people forget about reading your blogs or watching your sermons – they won’t feel confident about paying you an online tithe.
Fair or not, Internet surfers who find a website that ‘turns them off’ or is ‘turned off’, almost never visit that website again. It’s like your digital dirty underwear.
Ready to find out if it needs ‘cleaning’?

We recommend running this check RIGHT NOW.
Of course, no program or person can detect all potential issues with your website with 100% accuracy but this check is a good start to understanding your site’s status.
Once your site has a clean bill of health, we recommend referring back to our previous blog (link to hacking part 1) and implementing any necessary steps. This will also help you do a website audit and create a plan for strengthening your website’s fortifications against a hacking assault.

If you want to get more information about why security and performance matters, you can download our free ebook (link to ebook). Our ebook will also give you some ideas about how to improve your digital strategy.
Want to share any experiences or thoughts about hacking? Have a question about the subject? Love to hear from you – add a comment or question in the comment section below.


Email: Anyone can do this 30 sec checkup
Last time, I told you about a local church that got hacked 3 times and all 3 times were avoidable. Unfortunately, it’s a very good chance that your church is as much at risk as we were.


Let’s do our best to prevent you from being in those shoes.
Today, we are telling you about a free, website status check offered by one of the leading website security companies, Sucuri. It’s a neat, easy to use tool. It only takes 30 seconds to do and can save you tons of time and energy in the future.
Check out this tool in this blog.

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