Church Community Builder is one of the top Church Management Systems out there. They excel at user and group management, as well as event management and registration handling. At WP Church Team, we want to help you integrate Church Community Builder with your WordPress website.

Church Community Builder Addon for WP Church Center

WPChurch Center allows you to create a 'Next Steps' hub for your church using WordPress! Setup in minutes, mobile first & responsive, & designed to integrate with your existing WordPress site!

This FREE addon lets churches include new card types which automatically include groups and events from their CCB account.

This plugin is currently in BETA but you can test it out!

Installation and Setup Instructions

  1. Start by downloading the plugin from the link above. You can can install it by going to Plugins > Add New, uploading the .zip file, and activating it.
  2. To use the API (which is how we get your information out of CCB) you'll need to create an API user from within your CCB account. You can find out how to do that here.
  3. Once the plugin is activated you can visit Church Center > CCB Content in the main menu and insert your CCB subdomain (the unique account name for your church) and your new API User details.
  4. The other tabs within that section allow you to:
    1. Edit settings for the events that sync, and see the full event list
    2. Edit the settings for the groups that sync, and see the full group list
    3. Change how often the events and groups are sync-ed with CCB (or do a manual sync)
  5. When adding new cards - you'll now be able to select a CCB content 'card type' and select the appropriate details for the particular card you'd like.


Join the Facebook User/Support Group

We've got a Facebook group setup for our beta testers to share their experience, ask questions, report bugs and more. If you're testing out the CCB Addon - we'd love to have you join the group and be a part of the community.

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