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4 ways to make online giving easier with WordPress

At WP Church Team – we love helping Churches use WordPress better to support their ministry. One of the things we’re most excited about is figuring out ways for churches to take other awesome tools they use – and integrating them into WordPress to make their lives easier. We’ve recently released a batch of 4…

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Website Spring Cleaning

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned BackupBuddy Updraft Plus WordPress Backup to Dropbox WP Optimize W3C Broken Link Checker Broken Link Checker plugin 3 Instant Takeaways Make sure you’re running a scheduled backup AND manual ones before you make major changes. Scheduled backups will make sure there’s always a copy of your site saved, and manual…

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4 Plugins to help your promote your Easter Services

We’ve known for a while now that Google searches for ‘church’ spike when Easter approaches. That makes it the perfect time to expect and prepare for potential new visitors to come check out your church’s website. When they get there – it is important that you make it as easy as possible for them to…

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Speeding Up Your Website

Jordan and Jason of WPChurch Team talk about Jordan’s blog, 3 Steps to a Faster Loading Church Website. Then, they do some live site speed checks with two of the best-rated church websites so we know how to get a site speed baseline for our own church website. But what’s problem identification without solution assistance?…

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3 steps to a faster loading church website

As people have been signing up for WP Church Team, there’s been a common question being asked. People have been asking, ‘How can I get my website to load faster’. It’s a fair enough question too. A recent study by Kissmetrics found that 47% of website users expected a site to load in under 2…

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