4 Questions + Tips to Maximize Church Website Design

The scenario: you’ve been following your church website’s metrics for a while and they aren’t showing much—there isn’t evidence of an increase in people coming to your website; people who found your website are not coming back to it; it appears that your website is not appealing to its target audience; etc. A logical conclusion…

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Church Feign?

Envision a meeting place full of like-minded individuals who are eager to share their knowledge, experience, and life-lessons so that YOU can fulfill your God-given passion. Such a place is Fruition Lab. Recently, I attended the 2nd Fruition Lab meetup in Berrian Springs, MI. I was able to connect with some top marketers who happened…

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Dot Church: Just Fancy Shmancy?

In a world that’s filled with .coms and .orgs, a new option has opened up for all kinds of organizations and businesses, and churches are no exception. There are a lot of great reasons for churches to grab their .church domain name, and a lot of churches are actually seeing some really great success (since…

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