Can Jesus be found on your Church’s Website?

Earlier this week – this great article by Steve Kryger revealed that Jesus is the number one person people are searching to find more about on Google. This is great news – but it begs a very important question…

Will people find out about Jesus if they visit your church’s website?

We often focus on information about the church – service times, locations, ministries, sermons and more. But it is very possible people are just arriving at your site seeking to find out more about Jesus. Don’t let a focus on getting people to find and visit your church stop them from finding Jesus.

All about Jesus

Here’s some great examples of churches that place a fantastic focus on presenting Jesus to people.

EVchurch has Jesus as one of their major navigation items, as well as dedicating space on the homepage to people who to find out more about him.

St Faith’s Narrabeen has a whole minisite dedicated to telling people more about Jesus.

One1Seven Church has a special page with a great video telling people more about Jesus.

Hillsong places Jesus front and center on the homepage – link through to more information.


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