Boost your Church’s SEO with Google Places

Everyone wants to appear higher in Google’s search results right?

When it comes to your church’s website – it’s probably no different. Well I’ve got a tip to help you boost your Church’s position on Google. Best of all it’s simple, and free!

Lots of people looking for a church will be looking in a particular area. They might search for something like “Wollongong Church”. When someone makes a search by location – Google shows them a map with markers showing locations that match the search.

Wollongong Church

Wouldn’t you like your church to show up on that map?

Well the good news is that you can. Google has a service called Google Places which allows you to add your business (or in your case, church) Â location to be indexed by Google.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.33.12 pm

Once you head on over to the Google Places website you’ll be able to log in with your Google account. Then you can add a listing for your church.

You’ll need to fill in the contact details for your church, including the address – which will be mapped for you. Be sure to add all the details you can (including images and more) to make your church easier to find.

After you’ve submitted your details Google needs to send a confirmation code (on a postcard) to the address you’ve specified. They do this to verify your location actually exists. When it arrives it will send you to a link to input the confirmation code.

Once you’ve done that – you’re all set up. Your church is now listed on Google Places and will appear when people search for churches by location!



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