The best church websites of 2014

Well 2014 is over – so it is time to look back at the best church websites of the year. This is actually the second half of the list – check out the best church websites of the first half of the year.

eikon_churchEikon Church

A lovely clean and bright site. I particularly like the floating nav and the orange used throughout.


Grace Anglican Church

The centred layout and old-style logo give this site a very traditional feel. Yet the bright colours and nice iconography also give it a contemporary feel. A really nice mix.


EV Church

Big and bold – this site actually consists of a bunch of smaller minisites. Each has their own style, but the overall brand holds together.


Northstar Church

One of many churches jumping on the ‘looping background video’ bandwagon this year. The overall effect of this site is really nice – I particularly like the dotted line leading you down the page – it fits nicely with the idea of a Northstar providing direction and leading.


Soul Church

A little bit of parallax, and a lot of style. This Church Plant’s website gives a really nice introduction to what they are planning.


Waterloo Church

This Church Plant’s website is all about the colour scheme. It gives a really nice overall feel to the site.


University Church

This site is something a little bit different – with big diagonal blocks of colour breaking things apart. A nice mix of modern and traditional.



Simply Church

A lovely muted colour scheme in this ver7 flat and clean design. It manages to be sophisticated, but al
so friendly & welcoming at the same time.


LifePoint Church

This site is like many others around at the moment – but deserves special mention because of their interesting use of type throughout.



Newsprings redesign (towards the end of the year) was notable for the overall cohesiveness of branding, website, environmental graphics… everything really. A very nice job from the whole team.


Renewal Church

How can you go wrong with a nice strong grid and a palette of Red, Grey and White?


St Sepulchres

A refreshingly different church website. The circle from the logo is carried through the site nicely without being overdone, and the way the hover elements on the homepage work is really well done.


The Village Church

A really strongly branded website through it’s colour and type. This is one of my absolute favourites of the year.


Fellowship Bible Church

At first glance this site has a fairly traditional design, but look a bit closer. There are some really nice (and different) ways of breaking the content apart, and little things that add a lot of visual interest. Well worth a second look.


Risen Church

Great photography, refined typography, & just a hint of parallax. This site is really beautifully put together.


Calvary Church

A very slick, contemporary looking site – the purple works really throughout.


Church Unlimited

This is a very different site. A nice grid starts things off – with the main header/menu halfway down the page. Unique, but very interesting.


Saddleback Church

This site is all about the grid – but it works really nicely. Photos and panels extend right to the edge of the page making the whole site quite immersive.

So that’s the list – what are your favourite church websites of last year?

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