Announcing WP Church Center

We’re pretty excited to announce our first official WordPress plugin is now on the WordPress Plugin Repo.
WP Church Center is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to set up a ‘next steps’ hub for your church. A central place to keep your members informed and enable them to sign up for events, join groups, keep updated on coming events and… pretty much whatever you want.

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘Next Steps’ for churches, and a lot of buzz about whether churches need a standalone site or not for that kind of thing. One thing we realised was that the great thing about WordPress – is it is flexible to work for either option. Churches can either include a hub as part of their existing site or they can start a new WordPress install especially for the hub.

Not only that – but being a WordPress means that you can use any other possible WordPress content in your hub – All your plugins for events, sermon, forms and more can be used in conjunction with WP Church Center.

Check out our demo video below – or head over and download the plugin.

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