4 ways to make online giving easier with WordPress

At WP Church Team – we love helping Churches use WordPress better to support their ministry. One of the things we’re most excited about is figuring out ways for churches to take other awesome tools they use – and integrating them into WordPress to make their lives easier.

We’ve recently released a batch of 4 FREE plugins that do exactly that – hooking into existing awesome tools for online giving, and making it easier for churches to include them in their WordPress website.

WordPress + Tithe.ly

Tithe.ly is one of the best giving solutions out there for Churches – they love helping churches make it easier for their members to contribute financially to the mission of churches.

One of their tools is this great button which pops up a giving widget. It which can be inserted in any webpage – allowing giving from your existing website. We decided to take that tool and make it even easier.


Tithely Giving for WordPress

Rather than having to paste javascript code into your website, and muck around with html – you can install our plugin and add the giving button using a shortcode or WordPress widget.

You can also insert the giving form directly into your page. It’s super easy to use.

Check out the FREE Tithe.ly Giving for WordPress plugin now!


WP Church Center: Tithely Giving

We’ve also created an an addon for WP Church Center to enable seamless giving with Tithe.ly. WP Church Center is a WordPress plugin that lets you set up a Next Steps hub for your church. It’s mobile friendly, but can also be run as a kiosk on iPads or other tablets.

With our new Tithe.ly add-on for WP Church Center you can add a card to your hub that loads the giving form immediately when clicked. It’s seamless, slick and lets your members get straight to giving. Check it out!

We’re going to keep finding awesome ways to integrate Tithe’ly with WordPress – We’d love for you to find out more, and stay updated on future developments.


WordPress + Planning Center Online

Planning Center Online is one of the most popular Church Management Systems out there – they handle all sorts of things for churches – Service Management, checkins, member management and, of course, giving.


Planning Center Online for WordPress

Recently they released a giving button which (like Tithe.ly) allowed you to pop up a giving form within your own existing website. We got right onto it – creating a WordPress plugin to make adding the Planning Center Online even easier.

Similarly, just load the plugin, enter your church’s PCO subdomain and then you can add the button with a shortcode, or WordPress Widget.

Check out the FREE Planning Center Online Giving for WordPress plugin!


WP Church Center: Planning Center Online Giving

We’ve also created a Planning Center Online add-on for WP Church Church Center. It lets you add a Planning Center Online card which will pop up the giving form with just one click. Check it out!

If you want to stay up to date with our future integrations between WordPress and Planning Center Online – you can find out more over here!


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