3 blog posts from 2015 that I think you should re-read

As we come to the end of the year – I’ve been looking back at some of the things I’ve written about websites and digital communications for churches. There are 3 posts that stand out.

These are posts I think are worth a second look – really useful and practical tips to help take your church’s digital strategy to the next level. Why not check them out?

The People You Need To Run a Church Website

Many churches don’t think about the staffing resources it could take to run and maintain their website. This article takes a closer look at the people you need on the team for a great church website.

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The Deadly Sin of Church Websites

This mistake (that so many churches make with their websites) is an absolute killer. Check out what it is, and what you can do to avoid it.

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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Church Website

It can sometimes be a bit daunting to think about the improvements you need to make to your church’s website in order for it be more effective. This list of first-steps makes it a little less scary.

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We’ve enjoyed sharing resources to help churches with their websites throughout 2015 and look forward to sharing even more in 2016.


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